Wayfinding Signage for a Post-Covid World

Signage for a Post-Covid World

101 Park Avenue, the towering trophy asset of the HJ Kalikow organization, is unmistakable. Positioned in the heart of Manhattan, this 48 story building houses some of the most notable tenants in the city.

As a response to the requirements of the city Kalikow engaged CS Designworks to assist in a comprehensive wayfinding system to help employees navigate the new re-opening protocol. Safety and efficiency were the mandate issued by Kalikow.

Consisting of a massive lobby and three elevator banks encompassing 18 elevators, Kalikow created a safe plan with clear designations for elevator usage for tenant floors.

CS Designworks executed a comprehensive signage program which included Kalikow-trademarked chrome sign stands and directional posters helping to expedite the navigation of employees returning to work. The signs encompassed tenant floor designations, entrance and exit protocol and reinforced the social distancing requirements to help keep the tenants informed and safe. In addition, CSD developed elevator signs that provided elevator load standards.

This branded sign package also included triangular shaped floor decals reminding the occupants of the directional and distancing protocol.

Mission accomplished and the wayfinding program was instituted right in time for phase 2 of the reopening for businesses.

CS Designworks also has helped other organizations and their back-to-work protocol with branded face coverings.

“CS Designworks prides itself in long-standing client relationships, we are an extension of the firms that we have the pleasure of working with. HJ Kalikow has been a client for 20 years.”

Nick Chiechi
President, CS Designworks


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