Informational Integrated Marketing Campaign Expands CS Designworks Network

Planning Makes Perfect

CS Designworks has helped clients grow their business for more than two decades through design and marketing solutions.

And true to its mission of helping clients grow through integrated marketing developed a campaign to help educate its audience.

The core of the initiative is empowerment and awareness. With topics such as social media, reviews, hashtags and mentions the campaign is designed to inform our community in a user-friendly fashion. Very often the topics chosen are reflective of marketing issues that our clients are facing and might need clarity on.

Central to the program's success is planning in advance. An editorial calendar is developed and then the CSD team goes to work including copy development and original illustration which helps communicate the gist of the information.

As with our marketing strategy, we disseminate the communications through email marketing and social media postings. We measure the results consistently and adjust accordingly. Over the course of time, the analytics reinforce the program through a measurable increase of viewership.


Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye. It’s a few tricks to the brain.

Neville Brody