Industry-Leading Decontamination Service

Promoting Safety and Health

Emergency DECON Services (EDS) provides the highest quality emergency and scheduled decontamination, disinfectant and cleaning services. Their niche market includes Emergency First Responders (Fire & EMS), Law Enforcement Agencies, Healthcare Facilities, Short/Long-term Care Facilities, Educational Institutions, Fleet Vehicles, Sports Clubs as well as many other industries.

As a start-up organization, EDS recognized that they needed a professional website as a starting point to grow their business. Utilizing the most advanced decontaminant in the marketplace, D7, EDS knew this would be a competitive advantage and an early mandate to communicate this distinction throughout the core messaging.

EDS engaged CS Designworks as a strategic partner to not only produce a striking website but help in crafting core message points necessary to gain market share. CSD prides itself in helping small business become viable businesses and approaches each client and each project with a simple mission: Advancing business objectives… by Design.

EDS was fortunate to start operations at the onset of Covid-19 so they were well positioned as a company to help its customers realize the importance of proper decontamination protocol – especially critical for Fire Fighters and First Responders.

EDS is experiencing fast growth and recognizes of its marketing collateral which will help them define their marketplace.

CSD deliverables, in addition to the website include: marketing slicks, trade show material, promotional items and an e-mail awareness campaign which targets EMS and the Fire Fighting community on Long Island.

“It’s exciting to see a young company start with an idea and know that we can become a small part of its continued success.”

Nick Chiechi
President, CS Designworks



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