Amplifying Emergency DECON Services’ Voice through a New Social Media Campaign

Spreading the Word

Growing Pains

Since its inception, Emergency Decon Services (EDS) has rapidly expanded, servicing over 100 fire departments across Long Island and the New York Downstate region. This swift growth left little time for consistent social media engagement, which became increasingly time-consuming and counterproductive.

Better Call CS Designworks

EDS recognized the importance of maintaining a robust social media presence alongside their core client services. While they had successfully built a significant in-house audience, they knew the benefits of partnering with experts to enhance this vital area without detracting from their primary operations.

Hitting the Ground Running

CS Designworks undertook a thorough evaluation of EDS's existing social media efforts and delved deeply into industry trends. Given EDS’s relatively new presence in the market, a strategy focused on strong, consistent branding was deemed essential.

The Plan

We segmented the social media strategy into three categories: Corporate Identity, Weekly Activities, and Events/Holidays. CS Designworks developed branded designs and post samples for each category. Following several rounds of collaborative revisions, we implemented a final strategy, complete with an editorial calendar scheduling 1-3 posts per week across LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. For streamlined social media management, we employed Buffer, enhancing our scheduling and publication capabilities.

Designs and Messaging that Stand Out

Our creative approach helps EDS cut through the competition with straightforward designs and compelling headlines, ensuring that each post not only captures attention but also communicates the core messages effectively.

A Collaborative Process

Ongoing communication with EDS is crucial. Our weekly brainstorming sessions ensure that content remains fresh, relevant, and timely, focusing on fieldwork and upcoming events to guide the design and copy of future posts.

Strong Initial Results

The intensive setup period established a strong foundation for ongoing content creation. CS Designworks now efficiently produces high-quality content that aligns with EDS’s mission, enhances market visibility, and educates on the critical importance of maintaining clean gear and equipment to combat the high rate of cancer among firefighters.

Through consistent audience engagement, EDS has strengthened its market presence and continues to emphasize its vital role in ensuring firefighter safety and health.


Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Neville Brody