New Website Celebrates a Century of Excellence for HJ Kalikow

HJ Kalikow & Co., for a century and spanning four generations, has stood as a pillar of real estate excellence in New York. Their legacy is built on a steadfast dedication to their tenants, properties, and the community – a testament to their pursuit of excellence.

In honor of this remarkable centennial, CS Designworks was entrusted with the task of crafting a digital presence that encapsulates the Kalikow legacy. This project, by far, is one of our most extensive and fascinating ventures to date. It was a synergistic effort, blending the insights of Kalikow's dedicated team with the creative innovation of CS Designworks. The meticulous research and eloquent narrative penned by Peri Allen, along with the invaluable contributions of fourth-generation Kalikow –  Kathryn Kalikow, Olga Rosario, and Rich Gurvitz, laid the foundation for this digital homage.

The website is a mirror to Kalikow's present endeavors, a showcase for their distinguished team, and a spotlight on their marquee asset, 101 Park Avenue. Yet, the heart of the website is the 'Kalikow History' section, which intricately weaves through twenty pivotal chapters beginning with Joseph Kalikow's arrival in the U.S. in 1899. This narrative tapestry presents a lineage of ambition, resilience, and triumph, culminating in the Kalikow of today. Complementing this rich history is a timeline juxtaposing Kalikow’s milestone with significant events over the last century, providing a broader historical perspective.

Peter Kalikow, President of HJ Kalikow & Co., articulates the profound impact of the company's legacy:

"Throughout Kalikow's hundred-year journey, we've shaped New York's skyline – transforming neighborhoods with our residential and commercial developments. Our footprint extends from Brooklyn's classic walkups to Manhattan's iconic skyscrapers. In the face of New York City's perpetual transformation, Kalikow has been a cornerstone in its real estate, business, political, and civic spheres. It was imperative that our story not only recounts our history but also pays homage to the City that has been integral to our identity."

Nick Chiechi, the Creative Director at CS Designworks, reflects on the project:

"Embarking on this project was both a challenge and a privilege. The volume of content and imagery necessitated meticulous planning and nuanced design. To bring this vision to life, we employed a robust, custom WordPress backend, enabling us to seamlessly integrate the myriad of images that tell the Kalikow story. This digital narrative stands as a tribute to HJ Kalikow's century of impact, a story of enduring commitment to the fabric of New York City."

Kathryn Kalikow, representing the enduring vision of the Kalikow family, reflects on the essence of their legacy and the creative journey undertaken with CS Designworks to craft their digital narrative:

"The name Kalikow has long been interwoven with the fabric of New York real estate, yet our legacy extends far beyond bricks and mortar. It is a legacy deeply rooted in the American dream, a concept that binds us to each other, to our forebearers, and to future generations. This dream is not just lived but also shared, and it's this sharing that has been beautifully realized in our partnership with CS Designworks. In developing our website, they have woven the threads of our history with the innovation of the web to create an easily accessible tapestry that celebrates our collective past and future. The experience of curating our century-long journey with CS Designworks has been as enriching as the stories we've aimed to tell. We invite you to explore this legacy, encapsulated in a digital experience crafted with as much passion and dedication as we've invested in writing our family's story."



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