New Website for Emerging Security-Centric Software Reseller

Adding Value for Value-Added Software and Services Firm

J2K Technology is a value-added reseller for IT software and services with decades of experience and success in helping its clients find the right IT software and services at the right cost. J2K helps its clients navigate the highly competitive IT software space and is a one-stop-solution for its customers. J2K has saved its customers significant money and has a deep understanding of the IT buyers and decision-making labyrinth they often face.

Even though J2K has been around for years, they wanted to re-launch their company with a focus on vulnerability management software solutions. Given the new landscape of the remote workforce and the rise in malware and systems hacking, J2K clients realize the need for a trusted and knowledgeable partner to ensure that their systems are protected.

As specialists in helping emerging companies grow, CS Designworks was engaged to help steer the J2K ship to prosperity. The first step was to develop a website that conveyed the new J2K service offerings as well feature its history of success.

As with all new assignments, CSD did a competitive analysis which helped us get a solid baseline. CSD helped with site structure and content development and key message points which needed to be conveyed to its audience.  After completion of this groundwork, CSD developed several designs with the collaboration of J2K stakeholders. In addition, we cleaned up the logo to make it more contemporary and sleeker.

A key aspect with the J2K development was to integrate strong call-to-actions throughout as the main function was to support the J2K sales staff. CSD worked to connect its forms to Outreach email marketing platform as well as Salesforce integration. Analytics were key as to help determine the effectiveness of their Outreach campaign.

There are multiple landing pages that connect to various marketing initiatives including LinkedIn. The site was built using the Wix partner platform which provided robust functionality and at the same time economical efficiencies.

J2K is off and running and is on target to meets its sales goals this year. In addition, CSD has become a marketing advisor for J2K and has worked on assisting sales as well as developing marketing collateral and social media graphics.

“We love working with entrepreneurial companies, we get how business works, we get how marketing works and the importance of modern and utilitarian functionality.”

Nick Chiechi
President, CS Designworks



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