New Catalog for Fifth Generation Artisan Furniture Making Firm

Third Edition Catalog Captures Breadth of Collection

Schneller, established in 1881, makes custom bespoke furniture including Sofas, Chairs, Headboards and Ottomans. In addition, they restore and reupholster antique furniture and create beautiful curtains for the nation’s elite designers. Ultimately their pieces end up in some of the country’s preeminent homes and last for generations.

Schneller craftmanship is recognized for its traditional methods of manufacturing and each piece is crafted from scratch and by hand utilizing old-world techniques in their Long Island City workroom.

Current president, Brad Schneller, contracted CS Designworks to bring its comprehensive collection to life with its third edition catalog and individual spec sheets.

The first challenge was to photograph each piece in the collection. There were over 120 individual pieces to capture and we set up a studio in their workroom. Each piece had four viewpoints so ultimately, we shot almost 500 frames.

Next was to design and organize the catalog which was no ordinary catalog. We developed a narrative that showcased not only the furniture but Schneller’s rich history including key milestones, anecdotal storylines, and process. The catalog also features testimonials from some of the acclaimed designers that have partnered with Schneller over the decades.

The catalog is 160 pages including cover and truly captures of what Schneller creates for its clients. In addition, individual product pages with specifications were developed as a workbook for client organization of its collection.

“Working with a company like Schneller is not only exciting but inspirational. To see first-hand how long-standing woodworking techniques still prevail and thrive in this modern world is refreshing. And getting to know its history and company evolution makes this assignment one of the most meaningful to date.”

– Nick Chiechi, President, CS Designworks


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