Making Market Data Fun With Animated Explainer Videos

Technology Storytelling

After helping West Highland Support Services (WHSS) – a prestigious global service provider for market data, information, technology and professional services – rebrand its web presence and establish an ongoing and effective cross-platform marketing campaign, CS Designworks was tasked with creating new “explainer” videos to enhance their message in the B2B world of technology vendors.

CS Designworks created two comprehensive explainer videos that act as great on-the-fly learning tools to help potential clients understand how WHSS products work and benefit customers:



Combining fun, cartoon-based animation with narration and music, these fast-moving promotional videos make education of complex data systems fun and easy to digest. For these two themed animated videos, a character was created, "Westy", that represents West Highland Support Services.

CS Designworks covered the full creative and production process for this project. We began by brainstorming on how best to build a storyline to convey the message in sequential steps, chose a visual/cartoon character that works best, storyboarded it for the client’s approval, and then moved onto the final stage of production, including motion graphics, sound and voiceover.


Design is thinking made visual.

Saul Bass