The rocky road to the ASI show... a lesson learned... still learning.

Had to wake up early to catch Daymond John, the keynote speaker at the ASI promotional marketing conference at the Javitz Center. I really wanted to see him as I am a big fan. He is on the show Shark Tank, one of my favorite TV shows.

So I set my alarm nice and early as to be on a god awful early train (7:34) ughhhh!!! But I came through, woke up extra early and even skipped my morning workout. I then proceeded to do the typical morning ritual and hurried into my car rushing to the train station. So far so good and I am totally on track to make the 7:34...YAY.

No traffic, I missed all the pot holes and manage to get a great spot at the train station…phew!!! Gonna be a great day. I even had time to get my morning cup of joe.

So far the day is proceeding perfectly and I wait on the platform for my train to come. I was careful not to get on the one that gets off at Hunters Point…wherever that is.

Life is exactly like this tale, and those who succeed, no matter what, never give up. all started to unravel…I look up and my train is on the other platform and it's 7:33! So I start running to the overhead pedestrian bridge to catch the coffee is spilling uncontrollably all over my clothes.

I make it to the platform and…(you guess), the train leaves without me??? I'm sooo pissed!!

I blurt out a couple of obscenities (for some reason it makes you feel good) and I try to compose myself…I head back over the overpass and wait for the next train 20 minutues later….I didn't want to miss this, and I got up so early, I needed gratification.

So anyway, the next train comes, I get in the city and if I make the bus connection I can still make it. So I book it to the M34. I see it!! Running across 8th Ave, almost got killed by a messenger but I finally make it to bus stop…only to be shut out by seconds…UGGGGHHH!!!!

I wait for the next bus as I still have enough time believe or not. The bus comes, I get my Metro card ready and then the bus passes me…..NOOOOO!

I finally realize that the M34 is stopping at a different stop up the block...I run 'cause I see one coming…I get on and the unfriendly driver says...."dude, you have to go to the machine to get a ticket..." WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

Now I'm really gonna miss Daymond, but I finally get my ticket and wait for the next bus. One comes, I get on and exhale…THEN, the driver makes a turn up 8th Avenue, away from the Javitz Center. I get up and yell "STOP!!! Doesnt this go to Javitz Center?"  The driver looks at me and says, "NO this is the M34A you want the M34," and he opens the door instructing me to wait at the original stop.

I can only laugh at this, my Italian blood is boiling over and I go back to the original stop and not a single bus is to be seen. Then using whatever intelligence I have left, I see a taxi, start running and, YES I'm in.

I say Javitz and he gets me there….GUESS WHAT?  I saw Daymond John and he was great.

Guess what his message was? Perseverance and don't give up against all odds.

Maybe all this was to teach me a lesson. And when I look back with a smirk, life is exactly like this tale, and those who succeed, no matter what, never give up.


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