When it Comes to Brand Consistency, Think One Source

Imagine if you told the same story to several individuals each in a different setting, and later they came together to retell that story. Do you think it would sound the same? Perhaps some of the facts would remain, but the voice, color and overall feeling would vary greatly.

The same can be true if you allow your marketing, and consequently your brand, to be expressed by different vendors for each media. Though it’s tempting to choose vendors on price or technology alone, what you may lose sight of is consistency.

It has also been my experience that clients have far less burden when only having to manage a single resource that understands their business. Less moving parts make for more reliable results and build implicit understanding and trust.

To assure a clear depiction of your brand, it’s important to develop a cohesive strategy across all marketing channels. To employ that strategy, it is cleaner, more time efficient and can be less costly to rely on one valuable source.

Choosing a single partner for your marketing helps avoid costly missteps, and unnecessary use of resources.

Brand Consistency Is Essential to Successful Marketing

I think the best way to assure consistency is to build a strong relationship with a valuable business partner. It must be a partner that understands your company and its goals.  Such a partner can establish enduring strategies that align with underlying business imperatives  – the same imperatives that inform your brand.

Tactics may alter with each outlet, but a cohesive strategy will avoid bombarding your audience with mixed messages on different channels. It’s the best way to build strong relationships and maintain trust with your audience over time.

I see the challenge faced by marketers everyday – with websites, apps, social media, video or motion graphics, exhibition space and print collateral. Meeting that challenge means you need to stay relevant and bring fresh, new ideas to your marketing while ensuring that everything you do remains consistent with your brand. You must constantly evaluate the effectiveness of each media and utilize that feedback for improvement.

Choosing a single partner for your marketing helps avoid costly missteps, and unnecessary use of resources. It makes for a straight line of communication between marketing departments and those producing the marketing materials. As a result, the voice remains consistent, and ultimately, your story is always the same.

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