Custom Illustration Flexes its Marketing Muscle

Using Illustrations to Convey A Message:

As a business, what is your number one job? If you answered, “to convey a clear message that answers the problems of your customers” then congratulations, you’re on the right track. It’s important to find the best and most efficient way to deliver your message and there are several strategies to implement. But what type of message do humans respond to the most? The answer is visual.

Visual content, especially unique and custom illustrations, has always proven to be the best medium in which to appeal to your audience. We are visual creatures after all and we react to and retain pictures far better than just text alone. Talented artists and designers can make a concept reality through clever and creative imagery that stimulates and attracts potential customers. A complicated idea can become clear and simple through the use of a well-executed illustration.

Especially in this day in age, when everyone is turning to stock photography, distinctive illustrations can really set you apart from the millions of those you are competing with. The appeal of stock photography is no secret; it’s easy and there are tons of websites where you grab a smiling yoga lady picture for free. But that type of imagery is a good way to make your brand invisible and indistinguishable from everyone else. Customers now crave authenticity and by replacing stock photography with illustrations, you’re proving to your clients that you are different.

Illustrations hold a unique influence and if you aren’t already sold on this effective way of marketing then here are some reasons why you should utilize the power of illustration:


Our Brains Were Built for Visual Processing

Your brains job is to make sense of the world around you and it does this mostly through sight. Yes, we have the other four senses, but for most people, our vision is what we rely on the most to interpret the world. Two-thirds of the electrical impulses firing in your brain are a result of your brain taking in visual stimuli.1


It’s Unique

Let’s play stock photo bingo; put a piece down on the board every time you see the fake business meeting, the smiling handshake, or the employee working with fervor on his computer. The airbrushed images do nothing to help set your business apart. A benefit to illustration is that you can tell your message in a customized and personalized way. Customers will appreciate your sense of genuineness.


It’s Fun and Engaging

Who says you can’t have a little fun at work? Illustrations can help you do. You can show your clients that your business is approachable, maybe even has a sense of humor in an attention-grabbing way. Illustrations also engage your audience more then text alone. Not only does it draw the eye in but also it was also attract a feeling or emotion to your content. People respond best to personal connection and stories; illustrations can help establish an emotional bond between you and your client.


A Clearer Way of Messaging

Since the human brain is hardwired to perceive visual information more quickly, illustrations are your best bet at delivering your message clear and fast. Studies have shown that it takes only 150ms for us to process an image and another 100ms to attach meaning to it and yet take up to twice as long to process and recognize words.1 When your costumers only spares mere seconds to take in your web page or product, you want to make sure to grab their attention as quick as possible. This can be difficult especially if what you’re offering isn’t exactly easy to digest. A well-executed image, chart, diagram, or infographic can help brands simplify your message.


The Key To Advertising

Think back to your last shopping escapades. What product were you more likely to buy, one with or without a picture? In fact, can you think of any company website that doesn’t advertise their product with visual representation? An illustration can be the deciding factor to whether your client buys whatever you’re selling, whether it’s an actual product or just an idea. On social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the posts that get the most attention are ones accompanied by images.2 Infographics are a great way to illustrate a blog or convey a message. These images are 30 times more likely to be read then articles that are text alone and the word “infographic” alone is searched about 547,000 times per month on Google.3 

Words don’t always do the trick, so you’re going to have to get creative with how you market and appeal to your audience.











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