The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Part 1

So you built a website but its not getting traffic? Or you keep getting traffic for keywords that have nothing to do with your business!

It can be frustrating, this is why it is so important to have an SEO consultant do an audit of your site and then to plan out a strategy to attract the most free, relevant traffic you can have.

From onsite fixes and adjustments and keyword targeting to offsite seo for local businesses or ecommerce, there are things that must be done, time budgeted to and resources allocated for a web site to succeed!

SEO is essentially the heart of all online marketing. Unfortunately, its a method that most businesses, small and mid-size ignore. SEO now can bring in qualified leads, customers, and traffic to a site for years while giving the site owner an understanding of the type of keywords that bring in the most relevant traffic. 

It is worth considering SEO as soon as a domain launches or even beforehand so one can see results as soon as possible. Integrating SEO into a sites raw code in the development stage is always optimal.

As the future of SEO is upon us, how users interact with your site will have more of an impact on its overall rankings and ability to bring in free traffic.

There Are a Few Questions That One Needs to Ask Themselves When Trying to Find Keywords for the Site

1. Who exactly is the type of person you expect to attract?
2. Why will this person use the internet to find your product or service?
3. What will this person search in order to find your product or service?
4. What will they expect to find?
5. If they do find your website, will they buy from you?

In order for a product or service to be easily acc ssible to users, a site should be on the first or second pages of the results pages on any search engine (mainly Google). This is because the average user doesn’t go through too many pages before find other keywords. Their attention span typically lasts on the first couple pages, so it is essential to have a site ranked high enough so users don’t miss it.

Most people who search don’t just search one thing; they usually modify their search entry a few times and click around. The more times a certain site shows up in the results, the more the user will trust that site; This provides business credibility.

This is where SEO comes in handy. It increases the visibility and traffic of a site by also increasing the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Ranking.

Below Are Only a Few SEO Techniques to Consider

1. XML Sitemap Optimization
2. Optimizing Links
         – Meta Elements, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags   
         – **** Rich Snippets
3. Clean URLs and Domain Names
4. Backlinking
5. Inboound Linking
6. External Linking
7. Content Optimization
8. Social
9. Optimizing for media content such as video, news, images, etc.

Keywords are not the only thing to go after when it comes to SEO. OCDC (Optimize Content for Discovery and Conversion) is also a big factor; there should be quality content that is optimized for relevant keywords without keyword stuffing.

Without the correct SEO tactics and techniques, Google will actually penalize you. This will result in a lower page rank for Google or even a ban from the index. Some of these techniques include keyword stuffing, keyword dilution, duplicated content, illegal content, invisible text, etc.

One needs to advertise to reach out to new customers and market their products and/or services in the right manner. That is why SEO is important in order to fully maximize revenue opportunities and to get your company name out there.

The goal is to get your site on the playing field and to find the exact niche you want to exploit to compete.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Part 2

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